Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions are scalable, IT-enabled and “as-a-service” and the main advantages associated to them are: speed, scalability and inexpensiveness, so as to say you only pay what you use of the service.
If you are sharing photos between millions of users, as well as if you are conducting a critical activity for your business, a platform of cloud solutions can allow access to such applications in a flexible and economic way. Therefore, with cloud computing it isn’t necessary to make big investments for the purchase and management of the hardware, but it is possible to buy and pay only the IT resources that are needed, thus allowing you to concentrate on your business.

In particular, we supply solutions of: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Server, Cloud Backup, Cloud Database, Virtual Data Center e Cloud Data Center.


Business Solutions

FiveFold uses innovative models and methods that allow us to define and manage the architecture of a company network, satisfying both present and future needs, with a multi-vendor approach. We help our clients to protect their data day by day, through solutions of disaster recovery that allow us to rapidly restore the lost data due to hardware errors, natural disasters, electricity cuts, fires, theft and any other adversities.

The range of solutions include : Network Design, IT Consulting, Migration Services (Office 365, Google, On–premise vs Cloud, etc..), Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Monitoring Services, IT Training, Contact Centre.